winchester firearm collectionSelling 75 Lots Premier Winchester Collection

  • Saturday, April 20, 2019
    Commencing At 9:00 AM
  • carr auction gallery
    909 auction avenue larned, kansas, 67550
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Specialty Winchester Collection with 75 lots selling!

Notice: We Comply with All State & Federal Laws.  Must Show Valid Driver’s License to Register for a Buyer Number.  We Are Required to Perform NICS Check (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) on All Firearms Purchases – Unless You Present Your Current FFL or Kansas Concealed Carry License.

Any Announcement Made Sale Day Shall Take Precedence Over All Advertised Material. No Absentee Bids Will Be Taken on Sale Day.

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No Buyers Premium for Attendees.

Ft. Larned Lions Club Will Serve Lunch


Item Details

All information is subject to change. Any announcement made day of sale shall take precedence over all advertised material.

  1. Winchester M.70, 300 H&H, SN:84115 Super Grade Griffin-Howe w/Scope
  2. Winchester M.70, CAR 30-06, SN:17738 (1939) w/Weaver 4-Power Scope
  3. Winchester M.54, 30-06, SN:4660 w/Lyman Sight
  4. Winchester M.70, 300 H&H Mag, SN:57796
  5. Winchester M.70, 270, SN:109216 w/Redfield 3x9 Scope
  6. Winchester M.70, 220 Swift, SN:393690
  7. Winchester M.70, WIN FWT 30-06, SN:384812
  8. Winchester M.70, 243, SN:352926 FWT Weaver V 2,5x8 Scope
  9. Remington M.700, 300 H&H, SN:184426 w/GH Mount 3-Power Weaver Scope
  10. Winchester M.70, 264 Mag, New Douglas Bbl., SN:82022, 10-Power Scope
  11. Winchester M.70, 257 Roberts, SN:286227
  12. Winchester M.70, 220 Swift, SN:291294
  13. Winchester M.70, 338 Win Mag, SN:459472
  14. Winchester M.70, 264 Mag, SN:473675, As New (no box)
  15. Winchester M.70, 243 Varmint, SN:572697 w/Weaver Scope
  16. Winchester M.70 WIN 308 FWT, SN:259765
  17. Winchester M.70, 270 WCF, SN:104049
  18. Winchester M.70, 220 Swift, SN:215137 w/Redfield 3x9 Scope
  19. Winchester M.70, 30-06, SN:13513 w/Weaver Scope
  20. Winchester M.70, 30-06, SN:81864 w/4-Power Weaver Scope
  21. Winchester M.70, 220 Varmint, SN:575640, Rare Millett Dar 6x25
  22. Winchester M.88, .308, SN:13909
  23. Winchester M.100, .243, SN:145948 w/4-Power Weaver Scope
  24. Enfield 240 WBY Target Scope BSA 6x24, SN:921712
  25. Remington 760, 300 SAV, SN:45369 (Chipped Forearm)
  26. Winchester M.70, 270, SN:141255 w/Redfield 10x Scope
  27. Wichita Classic for Bill Jordan SxS 222, Goodland KS 1988 Hunt, SN:11
  28. SAKO M.AV, 25-06, SN:592555
  29. Weatherby Vanguard 300WBY, SN:VS 44050
  30. Lefever .410 Dbl. Bbl., SN:204929
  31. A. H. Fox 12-Ga. Sterlingworth, SN:94395
  32. Remington M.31, 12-Ga., SN:102740
  33. Winchester M.60, 22-Short, (Small Crack in Stock)
  34. Remington 1100, 12-Ga., SN:M533623V
  35. Winchester M.12, 12-Ga., Choke Tubes, SN:800612
  36. Winchester M.12, 16-Ga., Full Choke, SN:1847440
  37. Winchester M.12, Full Choke, 12-Ga., SN:1267737
  38. Remington M.31, 12-Ga., Full Choke, SN:85577
  39. Marlin .410 Lever Shotgun, SN:5915 w/Leupold 4 Pwr. Scope
  40. Iver Johnson .410 Single Shot Shotgun SN:42748
  41. Browning Single Shot Falling Block 25-06, SN:4140W37, (Chipped Stock) W/Leupold Scope
  42. Ruger #3 Single Shot 22K Hornet, SN:130-66815 w/Oak with Simmons Whitetail Scope
  43. Remington M.722, .222, SN:381584
  44. Remington 760, 257 Roberts, New Butt Stock, SN:216294
  45. Remington M.770, 270 Win, New, SN:M72168113 (Broken Sling Mount)
  46. Remington M.725, .222, SN:710905
  47. Mauser m. 1922 Custom Rifle, Heavy Bbl., 22-250, SN:0104
  48. Sturm Ruger Flat Bolt, Model 77,  6mm, SN:70-08818 w/Weaver 4 Pwr. Scope
  49. Remington 760, 244 Rem, SN:286853
  50. Remington M.121, 22LR or Short-Cal., SN:46027
  51. Remington M.31, 20-Ga. Shotgun, SN:561246
  52. Remington M.591M, 5mm Rifle SN:1056786w/Barska Scope
  53. Ruger Single Action Blackhawk 8” Bbl., 30 Carbine, SN:50-15530 (Handgun)
  54. Charles Daly Mauser 25-06, SN:B320042 w/Scope
  55. Colt Match Target, .22-Cal., SN:172692-S (Handgun)
  56. S&W M.22A, 22LR-Cal., SN:UAS6916 (Cracked Grip) (Handgun)
  57. Winchester M.70, 270 WCF, SN:87145 w/Win Pad
  58. Sako M.L461, 222 REM, SN:151099 w/Lyman Pwr.
  59. Savage M.99, 250/3000 SN:569385 w/Scope Master 4x
  60. H. Mahillon A. Beuxells 28-Ga. Bbl., SN:3052, Engraved
  61. O. F. Mossberg M.151K, 22LR Only
  62. Janssen Sons & Co. 12-Ga. SxS Shotgun, SN:5857
  63. Enfield 1917 Eddystone 30-06 Rifle, SN:434471
  64. Winchester M.2200 12-Ga. Magnum Pump Shotgun, SN:L1111537
  65. Gevarm E1, 22LR Rifle, SN:108710
  66. Sears M.41, 22LR Rifle
  67. Winchester M.55, 22 S-L-LR Rifle, Semi Auto Single Shot
  68. National Postal Meter M1 30-Carbine Rifle, SN:4221738
  69. Winchester M.12, 12-Ga. Pump Shotgun, SN:1341520
  70. Winchester 1897, 12-Ga. Pump Shotgun, SN:189247
  71. U.S. Springfield 1884, 45/70 Rifle, SN:29646 (EXEMPT)
  72. French M.A.C. 1935S, 7.65-Cal., SN:A5625 (Handgun)
  73. Ruger P89DC, 9mm, SN:307-22195 (Handgun)
  74. Ruger 22/45 MKIII, Target Model, 22LR, SN:272-48513 (Handgun)
  75. Armi Galesi 505/B .22L Only, SN:109844, Factory Engraved (Handgun)

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