Duane & Sharon Allen | D-S-A Farms, Inc. – Stafford, KS

During our 50 years of active farming, we attended many farm machinery auctions held by Larry Carr. We were impressed with the way he conducted the auctions as well as the good prices he was able to get for the merchandise. After Larry retired and handed the business over to Jim and Chris we felt they achieved much the same results that Larry had.

After our 2012 harvest we decided that 2013 would be our last wheat crop. In September 2012 we visited Carr Auction in Larned to reserve our sale date. Jim and Chris listed our machinery and put awesome pictures on their website which received almost 7000 hits by sale day. We told them to do as much advertising as they thought necessary. They sent out lots of sale bills to individual farmers in several surrounding states as well as nice ads in the High Plains Journal. They supplied us with as many sale bills as we needed.

It rained 9½” the week before our sale, but we still had a very large crowd and much of our equipment sold for MORE than we paid for it years before. Jim, Chris and all of Carr Auction’s staff treated us like family and we will be forever grateful for their good service. Our sale brought thousands of dollars more than we had anticipated. We’re proud to recommend Carr Auction & Real Estate, Inc. to everyone we meet. Thanks for such a great way to retire from farming.

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