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During our 50 years of active farming, we attended many farm machinery auctions held by Larry Carr. We were impressed...

with the way he conducted the auctions as well as the good prices he was able to get for the merchandise. After Larry retired and handed the business over to Jim and Chris we felt they achieved much the same results that Larry had.

After our 2012 harvest we decided that 2013 would be our last wheat crop. In September 2012 we visited Carr Auction in Larned to reserve our sale date. Jim and Chris listed our machinery and put awesome pictures on their website which received almost 7000 hits by sale day. We told them to do as much advertising as they thought necessary. They sent out lots of sale bills to individual farmers in several surrounding states as well as nice ads in the High Plains Journal. They supplied us with as many sale bills as we needed.

It rained 9½” the week before our sale, but we still had a very large crowd and much of our equipment sold for MORE than we paid for it years before. Jim, Chris and all of Carr Auction’s staff treated us like family and we will be forever grateful for their good service. Our sale brought thousands of dollars more than we had anticipated. We’re proud to recommend Carr Auction & Real Estate, Inc. to everyone we meet. Thanks for such a great way to retire from farming.

- Duane & Sharon Allen | D-S-A Farms, Inc. – Stafford, KS

Innovative Livestock Services has been using Carr Auction for over 30 years. Whether it is buying land at auction or...

bringing us an opportunity on a listed property we have always been able to get the contract signed and the deal closed quicker with fewer problems than with any other realtor we have ever used.

- Lee Borck | Chairman, Innovative Livestock Services, Inc. – Great Bend, KS

When our father decided to divest himself of his gun collection in February 2013, and asked my brother and I to take...

care of it, we immediately called Carr Auction and Real Estate, Inc.

In the mid-1980’s, Dad had worked with Larry Carr of Carr Auction to sell part of his collection, and he had been very pleased with the way the auction had taken place.  We had heard that Jim Froetschner had taken over the business, and that he was running the auction house just as well.  Jim came to see the collection, and gave us an idea of how the auction would take place.  He also had good ideas on how we should go about cataloging the guns.  Our father was pleased with the contract, and we were signed on to have the auction September 28-29, 2013.

We were  pleased with the advertising, the posters, the letters sent out, and the way the inventory list worked out.  Two weeks before the auction took place we delivered the guns and ammo.  Huge grins crossed our faces as we met the unloading team for they were fantastic with helping us unload onto wagons our ton of ammo (literally) and some 450 some guns.

The day before the auction began, we were delighted to see how well the guns were displayed, as all of them were hung on the walls.  The Carr Auction team worked well with the viewers, bringing each gun down for inspection.  And when the auction began, we knew the cataloging, the advertising, and the display of items was truly worth the work.

Jim and Chris, and Larry are great auctioneers, and my brother and I enjoyed watching them work for two days, along with the team at the auction house.  The end result of the auction meant everything was sold, and my father was quite pleased with the prices bid.

- Greta Baack | Vernon Nikkel Estate – Calgary AB, Canada

Carr Auction has a great history of getting top dollar for what you have to sell. Their company is very professional...

and always has a “clean” look of the way they do business.

Having used them for my farm auction I was very pleased with the results and the number of bidders was impressive. I can truly say that their reputation is impeccable.

- Jay Giessel | Larned, KS

My brother introduced me to Carr Auction in the late 1980’s and I have been a customer since. I can’t remember...

missing many of the firearm or 3-day auctions since moving to Ponca City, Oklahoma in 1991 (a 425 mile round trip)…I even made a few trips while living in Texas. A 20+ year relationship with Carr Auction speaks for itself.

Yes, there are closer auction houses, but I am most impressed by the consistent drawing of large crowds from several states and the professionalism of the auctioneers and the staff that supports them. From timely supplying tags/stickers for my sale items prior to an auction to unloading my pickup and placing my items on trailers or firearmss on display, they always manage to exceed my expectations.

Advertising is a must for any business and they do it well. Carr’s professional website attracts even more customers in today’s climate, however local and regional newspaper ads and the mailing of flyers to their extensive customer base will always ensure sellers a great turnout on the date of the sale.

I have recommended Carr Auction to several of my friends and they have all been well satisfied. I continue to recommend them because they are the yardstick by which I measure sound business practices. From preparing for a sale, conducting the sale and timely payment of proceeds, they are the best.

- Norman Cunningham | Ponca City, OK

Our firm has utilized the services for Carr Auction & Real Estate, Inc. on behalf of individual clients as well as...

estates and trusts. We have always found Jim and the staff to be very accommodating regarding our client’s wishes and they have always exercised the utmost professionalism and exhibited great integrity. Whether it be real estate auctions of land owned by individuals, estates or in fiduciary capacities, or estate sales of personal property, we have always found Carr Auction & Real Estate, Inc. to be prompt, thorough and complete in their timely reporting of the sales and the ultimate closing of each transaction.

We have found the services provided to be competitive with other companies in the area doing like work and the services and their results are unsurpassed.

- Greg L. Bauer | Law Office of Bauer & Pike, LLC – Great Bend, KS

In the past I have used Carr Auction and Real Estate to sell my farm home, machinery, land and also land appraisals. My...

main reason for using Carr Auction is that I know they are a very up-front company. They explain all facets of their company and what you can expect from them and also yourself.

Their advertisement is some of the best in the country. They get their advertisement out to all parts of the state and also use other media for out of state people such as the High Plains Journal and the Fastline catalog. Their flyers are very professional and well done. Carr Auction has a very good following of people to their auctions and they also explain how the auction is to be run and where it will start and end up at. They run a very professional staff of ring people taking bids and make sure they miss no bids.

While auctioning they are very professional and keep the auction moving at a very good pace but take the time to get the most from each piece they sell. Myself, I would never think twice about getting some other auction service to sell my items as I know when it is all finished they have committed themselves to making the most money for the seller.

- Melvin Murphy, Jr. | Larned, KS

I have been in Law Practice in St. John, KS for over 62 years and still practicing. I have known and dealt with Larry...

Carr for many years and in recent years with Jim Froetschner and his staff. I have found them to be easy people to work with and their work is always reinforced with accuracy. Carr Auction has always got the highest price of the land they have auctioned. Carr Auction gets the best recommendation from me.

- Emerson Shields | Shields Law Office, P.A. – St. John, KS

I had been to maybe a dozen of Carr Auction’s firearm auctions prior to selling my 80 some firearms with them. I...

liked the crowds and the method of selling which is “No B.S. – let’s get down to business!”

I appreciate the fact that Carr Auction picked up the guns and transported them from my location to their facility and kept them safe and secure.

I like the way firearms and other items are presented so the crowd can view and I like how Carr Auction ALWAYS starts the auction on time as advertised. I like how Carr Auction alternates two or more auctioneers on the gavel, and several clerks on the computers. When people get over tired, mistakes start to happen, and Carr Auction’s system is unparalleled.

As an older person with bad hearing in one ear and deafness in the other, keeping the crowd from roaring with their “other than auction talk” is very much appreciated and Carr Auction does this very well.

- David Rader | Manhattan, KS

Carr Auction has been a name that I have grown up with all my life in the Stafford community. The hometown, down to...

earth, no beating-around-the-bush conversations with Carr was always welcomed. They are a company of their word and will always deliver. Carr performed my Grandfather’s auctions and produced outstanding results with it, so I had no doubt that they would do any less for my auction.

By working with Carr Auction, I was able to obtain the results that I requested within reasonable expectations. They delivered on every promise that we discussed. The auction was advertised and the people were there to bid away just like Carr promised.

I greatly appreciated the manner in which I was treated with Carr Auction. They listened to my needs and concerns and never once did I worry that I was being led astray. They helped make the auction perfect by being 100% available.

Anyone who wants a great auction would benefit from calling Carr Auction. They are people of their word and will work with you every step of the way as a partner.

- Dr. Bradley J. Newell, PharmD | Andover, KS

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